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End of Term 1!

Can you believe Term 1 is over today? What a wonderful first term we have had. And a very busy term!

We had swimming, the beach day, parent/teacher/student interviews and so much more!

I have loved reading Tashi with the class and look forward to watching some episodes of Tashi! Its a great book with lots of interesting tales about Tashi. What has been your favourite part so far?

I am looking forward to the holidays and will do lots of fun things with my own children, then I will be back ready to start Term 2- another busy and exciting term. We will be learning “Who lived here first?” for our inquiry topic and working on narrative, persuasive and report writing. The year 3’s will have NAPLAN testing early in May so we will be getting ready for that as well. In maths I will be teaching you about chance and data.

What has been your favourite part of term 1 in 3/4NB? Post a comment and let me know!

Have a wonderful holiday and don’t play too many video games!!!

From Mrs Black

Here is An episode of Tashifrom ABC iview for you to watch!

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Our Beach Picnic Day -13th March 2015

Wow! What an amazing time we had at the beach this year on our Beach Picnic day. The Grade 3 students went with Mrs Black for the day and the year 4 students spent the day with Ms Nicita.

We enjoyed playing poison/dodge ball, parachute games, free play, sand sculpting and playing differnt ball games on the beach! I think we all enjoyed the free play and sand sculpting. What did the sand feel like in your hands? Did it feel different at different parts of the beach? Miss Nadja gave us all amazing tips about which sand was best to use for sand sculpting and different techniques to build the best sand castles- I know I will be using this advice when I go to the beach next time and hopefully my sand castles will stay together better in future!!

Here are some photos Mrs David and Mrs Watkins took at the beach.

What was your favourite part of the beach day? What would you like to change if we went to the beach again? I think my favourite part was the sand sculpting and the free play!

From Mrs Black


3/4 NB Swimming

Hi 3/4 NB!

We hope you enjoyed the swimming this term. You all learnt many new skills and developed your swimming abilities. Its an important skill to learn so that you can better enjoy your time at the beach and swimming pool!

What were your favourite parts of your swimming experience? What would you like to learn next when you have swimming lessons?

From Mrs Black 



Welcome back 3/4 NB

Welcome back to school children. I hope you enjoyed your holidays. We (Mrs Black and I) are looking forward to a great year. What are your goals for this term in Grade 3/4? What do you hope for this year?   From, Ms Nicita 🙂 
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Term 4

Hello everyone,

I hope you enjoyed the Taskworks excursion last week. It is an introduction to our Integrated topic,’What objects make your life easier’.

I especially liked the puzzle room and really tried hard to solve the wooden jigsaw puzzle but  we needed extra help.

The Stomp a Stump activity was a real hit and I was impressed to see that two of our groups were in the finals.

Tony was very close to the winner for the Cable  Maze. In fact Tony from another class won. Isabella came equal third with Angelina.

We are going to learn about inventors and their inventions this term.  I hope Taskworks has inspired you to be  inventive.

Do you have any ideas about what you would like to invent? Can you tell me about an invention or inventor?




New Look

What do you think about the new  look of our class blog?


3/4 Coach Approach

3/4 Coach Approach

3/4 Coach Approach


Term 3: Healthy, Habits, Healthy You!

Hello Year  3/4NS,

I hope you are enjoying your new topic this term: Healthy Habits, Healthy You!

We will be learning what things we can do to keep healthy and promote good habits. If we eat a balanced diet, exercise and develop good hygiene, we will be setting ourselves up for good health and a happy outlook throughout our lives.

We have also particated in the Coach Approach games.

What are your thoughts regarding Healthy Habits? What have you learned so far?


Term 2: Habitats

Term 2: Habitats on PhotoPeach


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